A Brief Introduction to Us

Welcome to Boots On The Ground Homeless & Outreach Resources

Thank you for connecting with Boots on the Ground Homeless & Outreach Resources. Our mission is to disrupt the cycles of incarceration and poverty by helping people find their way to self-sufficiency. The vision of our dynamic organization is to become the most effective solution for reducing recidivism, unemployment, and homelessness by empowering our participants to sustainable personal changes that positively impact society. Review our services today and learn how we can help you or how you can get involved.

Diamond & Pearls Youth of Tomorrow Teens Program

A dynamic youth program for girls ages 7 to 17 years old that offers an array of services such as mentoring, community engagement, bullying workshops and more.

Year Round Services

We believe in impacting the lives of our youth and adults within communities nationwide. We currently offer bullying prevention, education, teen suicide awareness, financial literacy, get focus stay focus, personal development, school supply drives, and mentoring programs.

Brotherly Love Living Opportunities

Our Brotherly Love Living Opportunity transitional housing program offers wrap-around supportive services, including case management and tenancy supports to help to create a more stable environment for our clients which assists them into ultimately transitioning into independent permanent housing.

Job Placement

We work to ensure new and returning workplace entrants are prepared to enter the workforce with the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities required to succeed in the workplace. Lack of finances contribute to homelessness.

Outreach Services & Clothing Drives

We offer monthly or annual outreach services such as school supplies, food and clothing drives and giveaways to assist the homeless or individual in need throughout the community. Contact us directly for more information. We serve our youth and their families within communities across the nation.

Re-Entry Programs

We offer ex-offender reentry programs to help mitigate problems finding jobs, adequate housing or even attaining photo identification to allow the offender to concentrate on adjusting to life on the outside. Our program offers short term housing, job assistance and often have other spiritual and therapy aspects within the program.
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